Jerry Gripping and Ripping

Who's ready for boating season? Jerry sure is!!

March 01, 2017

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Sunday Splashes

Обязательно к просмотру! Лучшее видео 2017🙌😂

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February 26, 2017

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Tom Brady Goes Full Send

If you french fry when you're supposed to pizza, you're gonna have a bad time! Trust me!!!

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February 23, 2017

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Jerry's Big Day In The Backcountry

Jerry loves pushing it to the limit. He knows, if you're not pushing you're not living. This is a prime example of this and how hard Jerry pushes over his skill level. Jerry 1 does the dirty work, being the tomahawk guinea pig to scope it out for the main event #waitforit

February 22, 2017

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