Wrong Side Jerry!!!

Reason # 542 as to why you should NEVER go on the wrong side of a t bar tower (Sh*t hits the fan @ 0:55 seconds in) #waitforit #getrekt

December 08, 2018

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Professional Putters Association Putting Tournament

The PPA: Professional Putters Association #makeminigolfgreatagain #getinthehole #wheredoIsignup

December 01, 2018

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Hang Gliding Jerry Dangles From Thousands of Feet

"I will go hang gliding again as I did not get to enjoy my first flight." -Not the hero we want but the hero we need #firstteamalljerry

November 27, 2018

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World Record for Lamest World Record in World Record History

Jerry is a bad ass and he knows it. Officially the world record for lamest world record in world record history #recordbreaking #stackingmedals 

November 26, 2018

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